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Customized die steel for plastic industry

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3Cr17NiMo / AISI 420H / M300 / S136H Plastic Mould Steel
- MOQ: 1-2tons
-Packing detail:  raw packing or according to customer’s requirement
-Delivery detail:  within 30 days after order confirmed
-Payment term: T/T, L/C at sight
-Brand name: KaiXin
-Delivery condition: hot rolled / forged, machined / black surface
-Specification(mm):round bar:Dia.60-800   flat bar: 25-400/200-800

The Basic Information of 3Cr17NiMo
Chemical Composition:

Mechanical Properties:  
-hardness: Annealing ≤230HB,
- hardness: quenching≥45HRC
-hardness: tempering ≥46-49 HRC

Delivery Condition & Surface Treatment:  
-hot rolled / forged steel in annealing state
-polishing and grinding before delivery or just original

Heat Treatment:
-Softening annealing temperature:780-820℃, furnace cooling
-Quenching temperature: 1020-1050℃, cooling in oil or liquid
-Tempering temperature: 100-600℃

Applications: 3Cr17NiMo has the premium characteristics such as High purity, excellent mirror polishing and strong corrosion resistance. Meanwhile, it is convenient for the heat treatment and has great size stability under quenched and tempered condition. At present, 3Cr17NiMo die steel is widely employed and supplied to mold factory both at home and abroad.
Hubei Kaixin Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd.
TEL :+8618272169977 ; 0714-6510168
Add:No.37 Huahu Ave Huahu Street.Huangshi City Hubei
Code:435000 Customized die steel for plastic industry
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