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How to create a challan on Khajane 2?

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How to create a challan on Khajane 2?
asked Aug 4 in K2 Challan by anonymous

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Steps for K2 Challan Generation:
Step 1: User should login to Khajane II system
Step 2: Navigate to Receipts>Transaction>Challan generation
Step 3: Click on the Challan generation screen available in the menu
Step 4: Select either Challan for self or Challan for remitter radio button
Step 5: If Challan for self is selected, then the following fields get auto populated in the screen / if
Challan for remitter is selected, user has to input the following fields
a. Date
b. First Name
c. Middle Name(if any)
d. Last Name

e. Email (Non Mandatory)
f. Address
g. Mobile number (Non mandatory)
Step 6: Key in the remitter and department details
Step 7: Key in purpose details and add the purpose by clicking on add button
Step 8: Select mode of payment, key in the necessary details and click on submit button
Step 9: Preview of all the details will be available in the Draft Challan generation screen. Click on confirm
Step 10: A new screen with print option is available, click on print button to print the Challan details
answered Aug 6 by k2 challan
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answered Aug 6 by anonymous