III Sem B.E. (CBCS Scheme) vtu results

Examination Date of Result Announcement
III Sem B.E. (CBCS Scheme) 23-05-2017
I Sem B.E. (CBCS Scheme) 26-05-2017

  • Results updated on: 15-05-2017 @11:15 PM.
  • Results of B.Arch students admitted to Crash/Extricating Semester are announced.
  • Results of III & IV Sem B.E. (Non-CBCS) all regions announced.
  • Results of V Sem B.E. all regions announced.
  • Updated Results of B.E I, II, III, IV, V & VI Semesters of the students admitted to the Crash/Extricating Semester announced.
  • Results of VII Sem B.E. All Regions have been announced.
  • VI Sem B.E Results Announced.
  • VIII Sem B.E Results Announced.
  • IV Sem M.Tech Results Announced.
  • Results marked as “TO BE ANNOUNCED LATER” are being updated.




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