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why php famous

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Reason #1 — PHP boasts Simplicity

With PHP, coding is like writing an essay in English for a computer to read, except the essay is a piece of code that instructs it to create and run websites in the most efficient manner possible. Creating a code in PHP is simple, and though you’ll hear some developers complaining that this does not build the necessary coding habits that streamlines (read standardizes) coding, it allows the code to be highly personalized (and hence easier to protect).

Reason #2 — PHP Is FREE

PHP is an open source language: free, is easy to use, and has a stupendous amount of available documentation — making it the most cost-effective method of creating robust websites and taking over online real estate space without worrying about legal obligations and subscriptions fees.

Furthermore, PHP reduces barriers to entry for new website developers, allowing them to simply leverage their skills and talents for coding to get started.

Reason #3 — PHP Works Exceptionally Well With CMS

The latest (and recent) trend towards adaptive content has made CMS customization a crucial competitive need for businesses. Adaptive content is content personalized for the individual visitor to the website (using sign-in, or visitor history) to create a one-to-one experience for visitors. This is only possible if the website’s code can be customized and integrated with the CMS.

PHP makes websites amoebic, allowing the developers to transform them at their will. All PHP websites are fully customizable and can be transformed to meet the requirements of the customers with ease because Content Management Systems like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and others are primarily based on PHP. Hence, developing or integrating a robust custom-made CMS solution with your website is simple.

Reason #4 — PHP Accepts Platform Diversity

A code created in PHP can run on all the major platforms, allowing the developer to seamlessly integrate website across multiple platforms. This allows the business to cost-effectively leverage all existing infrastructure, leveraging platforms as diverse as Windows, Unix, and Linux, with the additional ability to interface their website with MySQL and Apace.

Reason #5 — PHP is Powerful Flexible and Scalable

Facebook, the largest and most powerful social media platform is running on PHP. Facebook has even created a PHP derivative language, named “Hack” to meet the emerging needs of the giant’s content management needs. This shows the level of flexibility, robustness, and scalability that is built into PHP. Compared to other languages, PHP’s biggest advantage is that the website’s code can be updated without requiring a server reboot!

Reason # 6 —Extensions and Add-Ons

PHP is one of the most scalable languages for website development. Being an opens source language, its family of online developers is continuously involved in developing extension to meet the emerging requirements of the businesses. This allows the developers and businesses to easily develop and add newer functionalities and features to their website with ease.

Reason #7 —Embed-ability

The latest trend in adaptive content has made responsive website and fluid grid systems even more pertinent to businesses. In this context, HTML5 is the unquestioned industry standard for developing highly dynamic and responsive websites. This is where PHP surfaces as the language that allows its code to be easily embedded into the HTML. Developers can easily convert existing static website code into a whole new dynamic one by adding their PHP code into HTML.

Reason # 8 —PHP is Backed By a Vast Community

This is a corollary of PHP being open source language. The language itself has a vast and growing community of developers and professional experts willing to support beginners and involved in continuously addressing the latest problems facing the web developing community. Furthermore the popularity of the language and hence availability of developers means that the developers are bound to offer highly competitive pricing.

Reason # 9 — PHP has a Huge Standard Library

What differentiates a good programming language from a great one is the extent of its standard library. Libraries play a crucial role in simplifying and speeding the data processing ability of the language.

Given that online visitors spend no-more than 8 seconds per webpage while they are on a surfing spree (in the earlier ‘research’ phase of the buying process), website’s loading time plays a crucial role in keeping them engaged on the website. PHP offers extensive support for HTTP fetching, regular expressions, URL parsing, and database drivers, to name but a few. It is true that the library is incoherent, but the community’s on it!

Reason # 10 PHP Delivers Exceptional Performance

PHP improves speed of development as much as it improves speed of execution. Operating on a conventional web stack, PHP leverages the Apache web server and allows applications to leverage MySQL databases — allowing developers to create bespoke, one-stop solutions for online presence.

Turnaround time is one of the most important factors that enhance performance of any website. PHP is known for its quick turnaround time. The large standard library, a diverse range of extensions, cross platform functionality, seamless integration with and customization of various CMS, and embed-ability allows experienced developers to offer exceptionally fast turnaround times at highly competitive rates. Further, any website that is developed using PHP has faster data processing features and that website is compatible on all operating system such as Windows, UNIX and so forth.

Reason #11 — PHP offers Diverse Frameworks

PHP is able to deliver exceptionally fast turnaround times because it has a sufficiently large family of PHP-frameworks. These range from the enterprise level Zend and Yii frameworks, all rounder Laravel and Sympfony, performance optimizers like Phalcon, and PHPixie for speedy application designs or Code igniter for more robust ones.

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asked Apr 3, 2017 in software solutions by anonymous

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  • Easy learning curve.  No other language is as easy for a beginner to begin and get some visible results.  Java/Python/Ruby/C++ all require you to know OOP and frameworks and stuff.
  • PHP is installed on every web hosting server.
  • PHP does something useful: presents a web page, instead of something useless (to the beginner), like defining "main".
  • PHP is free, and its PHP software license is permissive (i.e. not GNU).
  • PHP has many extensions in its default distribution.  Some people say it's a negative to have so many functions, but consider that beginners don't have to learn how to install libraries to get started.
  • The most popular CMS apps are written in PHP (e.g. Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla!).
  • PHP was first released in 1995; PHP 4 released in 2000; PHP 5 released in 2004.  Is it a surprise that PHP became popular at a time when the only other web development options were Perl CGI, Java JSP, and ColdFusion?
answered Apr 3, 2017 by anonymous
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There are several reasons why PHP is probably the closest thing to a de-facto standard scripting language available online.

  • Because it's a server-side script rather than client side, meaning the processing is done on the Web host's server, rather than on your machine, information can be stored across browsing sessions without relying on cookies (snippets of data stored on your machine). This means you can access sites such as Facebook from any computer, enter your username and password, and access your account.
  • It's Open Source, which means anyone can access and edit the source code, and contribute to future development. This is one of the reasons there are so many plug-in programs available already written in the language. Its being Open source has other advantages too.
  • There are no licensing fees to pay to install PHP, meaning the cost of running a server is kept down. PHP also runs on Linux and Unix, meaning a Web hosting server can be set up with no software costs.
  • In fact PHP is platform independent and even runs on a Windows server. In practice, this means it's pre-installed by the majority of Web hosting companies on all their servers, often complete with a library of scripts ready to install on your domain with just a few clicks.
  • Linux operating systems are widely considered more secure than Windows, since the majority of viruses and hacker attacks are aimed at the Windows OS. PHP is also considered more secure than Java, because PHP was designed from the ground up with hosting in mind, and is designed for multi-user environments, where Java, stemming from more traditional programming languages, wasn't.
  • Finally, with such a wealth of viewable source code and no shortage of online tutorials, PHP is easy to learn. This means people can start off with a standard installation of a given program and tweak it to meet their own specific needs
answered Apr 3, 2017 by anonymous
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PHP development is one of the famous and in recent days most commonly and excessively used website development tool. The word PHP stands for Hypertext preprocessing. And this technique came into existence in 1994. And since then PHP development is completing so many milestones of scintillating success and achievement. This article discusses that why PHP development is more famous and favorite among so many developers around the globe than any other scripting language.

Support several DBMS: 


The first benefit that PHP developer gets while using PHP development is that it supports so many data base management systems. E.g. Oracle, Sybase, MySQL. However, it supports MYSQL the best, because so many codes of PHP are made by focusing MYSQL.

Cost Effectiveness: 

The other benefit of PHP development is that it is an open source language. This means that no PHP developer needs to pay bundles of money to procure PHP licensing. It is very easy to install, and the most amazing part is that it is least complicated language among all. And if someone is not aware of PHP’s Thick and Thins he can learn them in no time. That is why right now thousands of the websites all around the globe are using this scripting language.

Dynamic Website development: 


The other benefit of PHP development is that it can create amazing functionality of your website. It gives you the space to write scripts which enables users to interact with you VIA your website. And if you are having an online shopping website you can have direct feedback of your customers about your products and services. PHP development also provides room to PHP developer to create and manage a lot of web applications. PHP development provides support for all those businesses who for the sake of customer’s traffic and high revenues take their businesses online, in the form of CRP, CSM, CMS and other web applications. PHP development also energize all the ecommerce solutions of every client by providing facilities like shopping cart, Web calendars, Chat services, and discussion forms. With the help of PHP development every business can display and store data on their web page.

Huge community: 

Since PHP development is open source so any type of bug is very easily fixable. Because it’s been so long that PHP development came into existence that is why there are a lot of blogs, forums, websites where you can easily find a solution of your problem. You got to trust me on this but the enormous community of PHP is very helpful when it comes to bugs fixing or solving different types of problems. PHP development is one very secure in all the parameters. And PHP.net is always releasing new version of PHP to provide clients new security updates.

Support and portability: 


PHP always provide you one of the most amazing features of embedding it with HTML and JavaScript. And all the PHP developers know that this is always very helpful for them to create dynamic websites with a lot of features. Another feature of PHP development is the portability. A PHP developer can easily port in along in different operating systems. Today, almost 75% of server side scripting is being done PHP. And PHP development is proven to be the first choice of every developer. Because PHP supports fast application development, cost effective, reliable, secure, and easy to learn.

answered Apr 3, 2017 by anonymous