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why Bangalore is developed city

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asked May 31, 2017 in BengaluruQ by anonymous

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As a person born and brought up in bangalore this is what i have observed
- Bangalore always had a cool factor associated with it (theater, music, pubs, western culture and English education)
- IT boom happened because of tax breaks (a lot of it)
- Due to IT boom mostly, there were lot of migration of higher middle class (the city was empty compared to other cities) who settled down here rather than waiting to go back to their home town due to the receptive environment (as opposed to Delhi i am told), cool factor (as in Bombay, Delhi though not as much) and weather (being a bangalorean i take this for granted but lot of people do mention this)
- Due to above, lot of disposable income and hence other service providers came to the city and fueled each others' growth
- Last generation (who started their job 20-15 years ago), invested in building/buying houses than in stock market, resulted in real estate boom. Also real estate 
- Delhi was for Ultra rich and Bombay was too crowded already so comparitively empty Bangalore got the opportunity to cater to the new generation of higher middle class
- City catering to higher middle class set standard of living higher than usual

answered May 31, 2017 by anonymous