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Noorondu Nenapu Movie Review

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asked Jun 14, 2017 in movie tickets by anonymous

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Set in 1980, Shreyas is a new boy in college, who finds his gang in the most notorious bunch in college. It is here that he also meets his first love in the form of Shruti Urs, a medical student. With love, heartbreak, friendships and sacrifice, these wonder years prove to be filled with life lessons.

This film is based on the Marathi novel Duniyadari, which has also been adapted on celluloid in Maharashtra. Set in the 80s, this is a tale that talks about love, friendships and relationships, set in a college campus. While the soul of the narrative has something that entertains, the pace of the narrative proves to be a tad slow at times, making the viewers restless at those moments.

One of the biggest draws for the film is the good looking cast, as well as their styling. One can't but appreciate the hard work that has gone in behind this. The film also has some catchy tunes and good background music. There are a few things that one can nitpick, like some factual errors, where the film set in 1980 has references to much later released films like Bandana and Hosa Belaku. But, these can be overlooked.

The story has some good moments and the hard work behind the screen shows. The cast does a good job, especially Chetan, although his American accent slips in at times. Meghana Raj and newbie Rajvardhan also do a good job. In fact, Rajvardhan has good screen presence and can prove a good choice for both positive and negative roles in films. If you're someone who likes to revisit the 80s or just enjoy emotional college capers, this film is for you.

answered Jun 14, 2017 by anonymous