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what is cvp techno lab

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asked Feb 22, 2017 in CVP Techno Lab by anonymous

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CVP Techno Lab is a training center providing numerous courses to students to tune up their skills in accordance to demand of market. The institute was established in 2012. Till now, we have successfully trained over 500 IT professionals in our training center. It was formed in the view of the ever growing demands of the software market, for the skilled manpower in high end technology courses like Software Testing, Shell Scripting, Python Scripting, Red Hat, SQL, MCSE, MCITP and Soft skills training.

   In a short span of time we have achieved tremendous success in the motive of leveraging successful careers by bridging the gap between Academics to Industry. Right from its inception CVP Techno Lab Software training division has been involved in providing quality software training to students in North Karnataka. Software Courses are provided, based on the industry demands to Students, fresh graduates, sponsored by various Schools and Colleges. The demand for IT professionals have increased significantly in India with coming of top MNC and growth of IT related industries. Lots of career opportunities are coming in the market for job seeker. But, to grab the job opportunities in market candidates require advanced practical skills get from training in special course.

   Job oriented courses deliver necessary practical skills and knowledge to the students to succeed as a professional. The module of courses is created by industry experts according to global standard.The courses are designed to deliver latest knowledge and skills to the students. Special emphasis is given to practical skills of students along with theoretical knowledge. The students get essential skills by working on live project in their chosen field. We assign dedicated project to the students according to their career to meet challenges faced in the real industry after completion of course. This gives a clear picture to students about ways of working in real project in industry quickly. It is a preparation of students for future professional life in industry. This sets our organization apart from rest of the institutes who offer negligible practical training for job oriented courses to students.
answered Feb 22, 2017 by anonymous