What is your review of Visvesvaraya Technological University?

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VTU is one of the famous technological university in south India region. Every year, huge number of students gets graduate and post graduate from VTU.

It is doing great since many years , i have done my post graduation from VTU.

There are two angles to give review about VTU

  • Under Graduates perspective
  • Post Graduates perspective

Let’s club both the angles and review it as single object. Doing courses like Bachelor of Engineering and other master courses from VTU has its own pros and cons .

Pros are,

  1. VTU’s Degrees are valued everywhere
  2. VTU has almost all kind of courses under BE banner which is very helpful for a student to choose any branch of his/her own interest and other wonderful Master courses like MBA, MCA, M.Tech etc.
  3. It provides very good revised syllabus for every 4, 2 and 3 years in all branches under BE and other master courses respectively.
  4. There is wonderful marks collaborating idea from internal and external , theory and practical exams.
  5. VTU also encourages the students who does exceptionally well in their academics / graduation through medals and prizes in its convocation programme.
  6. Majority Of the times people from BE gets more number of days gaps for the next exam to study and prepare for it. (It’s actually a boon for the UG students, especially for the last minutes guys)
  7. It also conducts various sports events, youth festivals to allow young students to showcase their talent in sports and cultural areas too..

Let’s throw some light on Cons too ,

  1. Sometimes in examination results, it so happens that , people who do very well in exam and expect good score gets exceptionally low marks and it happens reverse in other case. ( Unsure whether this is fault of VTU or paper evaluation personnel, but since everything happens under VTU banner i have considered it as a VTU’s cons )
  2. While applying revaluation we need to pay an amount even if there is no mistake of ours, we need to pay it for the mistake of evaluator .
  3. For Master courses there is exceptionally very much revaluation fee i,e Rs 3000/- for each single paper which is not really an economical amount. (VTU must remember that it has various kind of students studying under it, ranging from poor to rich , top class middle class to low class students, It must also be aware that students who are not capable of paying the hefty course fee obtains a loans from banks to study)
  4. Some master courses are getting reduced in its duration which will never accomplish the objective of the course in short period. I have taken an example of MCA which have reduced to 2 years from 3 years. (Are we making education highly commercial ? Is education a product which is being sold with offer around it ?)
  5. Some officials are caught in corruption from VTU (as per the states news channels), it feels very sorry to know that an educational institute/university where we Indian people treat it as a temple of knowledge , people are ruining it for their personal profit.

There are many points i would love to add to it whenever i remember. But for time being hope this is enough to give you a complete idea about VTU. PERIOD

Disclaimer : This information is being written by my own and with my personal experience and observations.

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