Top Engineering Colleges in Karnataka for Civil Engineering branch based on KCET cutoffs

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College Code College Name Rank Cutoff College Profile
E005 R. V. College of Engineering,Bangalore 1 4216 View Profile
E003 B M S College of Engineering,Basavanagudi,Bangalore 2 6337 View Profile
E006 M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology,Bangalore 3 6515 View Profile
E021 Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering.,Mysore 4 7752 View Profile
E022 The National Institute of Engineering,Mysore 5 7777 View Profile
E009 P E S Institute of Technology,Bangalore 6 8089 View Profile
E048 B M S College of Engineering,Basavanagudi,Bangalore 7 8174 View Profile
E030 B V B College of Engineering and Technology,Hubli 8 8505 View Profile
E016 Siddaganga Institute of Technology,Tumkur 9 10582 View Profile
E008 Bangalore Institute of Technology,Bangalore 10 10618 View Profile
E012 Sir M.Visveswaraya Institute of Technology,Bangalore 11 13154 View Profile
E082 J S S Academy of Technical Education,Bangalore 12 13490 View Profile
E062 Bapuji Institute of Engineering and Technology,Davangere 13 13630 View Profile
E001 University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering Bangalore 14 14666 View Profile
E024 Malnad College of Engineering,Hassan 15 14757 View Profile
E034 Sri Dharmasthala Manjunatheswara College of Engineering,Dharwad 16 15024 View Profile
E037 K.L.S. Gogte Institute of Technology,Belgaum 17 15025 View Profile
E007 Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering,Bangalore 18 16976 View Profile
E023 P E S College of Engineering,Mandya 19 17780 View Profile
E031 Basaveshwara Engineering College ,Bagalkot 20 18379 View Profile
E166 K L E Institute of Technology,Hubli 21 19715 View Profile
E079 Acharya Institute of Technology,Bangalore 22 19776 View Profile
E004 Dr. Ambedkar Institute Of Technology,Bangalore 23 20178 View Profile
E049 Basaveshwara Engineering College,Bagalkot 24 20187 View Profile
E061 University B.D.T. College of Engineering,Davangere 25 20380 View Profile
E041 P D A College of Engineering,Gulbarga 26 20778 View Profile
E126 B M S Institute of Technology and Management,Yalahanka, Bangalore 27 21645 View Profile
E071 Vidya Vardhaka College of Engineering,Mysore 28 22018 View Profile
E065 Jawaharlal Nehru National College of Engineering,Shimoga 29 22173 View Profile
E115 S J B Institute of Technology,Bangalore 30 22915 View Profile
E038 B L D E A`s V.P. Dr. P. G. Hallakatti College of Engg. and Tech.,Bijapur 31 23649 View Profile
E155 Government Engineering College,Hassan 32 23732 View Profile
E502 K.L.S. Gogte Institute of Technology,Belgaum (IInd Shift) 33 23745 View Profile
E058 P E S College of Engineering,Mandya 34 23751 View Profile
E036 K L E Dr. M S Sheshagiri College of Engineering and Technology,Belgaum 35 24468 View Profile
E053 N M A M Institutute of Technology,Nitte 36 24542 View Profile
E064 Adhichunchanagiri Institute of Technology,Chickmagalur 37 25471 View Profile
E105 Nitte Meenakshi Institutute of Technology,Bangalore 38 25764 View Profile
E002 S K S J T Institute of Engineering.,Bangalore 39 26293 View Profile
E138 Reva Institute of Technology and Management,Yelahanka, Bangalore 40 27597 View Profile
E097 C M R Institute of Technology,Bangalore 41 28622 View Profile
E158 Maharaja Institute of Technology,Mysore 42 28813 View Profile
E011 M V J College of Engineering,Bangalore 43 30937 View Profile
E104 Nagarjuna College of Engineering and Technology,Bangalore (R) 44 31359 View Profile
E099 New Horizon College of Engineering,Bangalore 45 32821 View Profile
E212 Dayananda Sagar Academy of Technology,Bangalore 46 33402 View Profile
E128 Appa Institute of Engineering and Technology,Gulbarga 47 33442 View Profile
E114 G M Institute of Technology,Davanagere 48 34314 View Profile
E077 Vidya Vikas Institute of Engineering and Technology,Mysore 49 34867 View Profile
E043 Gurunanak Dev Engineering College,Bidar 50 35100 View Profile
E017 Sri Siddartha Institute of Technology,Tumkur 51 35704 View Profile
E177 Rajeev Institute of Technology,Hassan 52 35730 View Profile
E101 Channabasaveshwara Institute of Technology,Gubbi, Tumkur 53 36670 View Profile
E501 B L D E A`s V.P. Dr. P. G. Hallakatti College of Engg. and Tech.,Bijapur (IInd Shift) 54 36687 View Profile
E063 S J M Institute of Technology,Chitradurga 55 38039 View Profile
E078 The Oxford College of Engineering,Bangalore 56 38809 View Profile
E042 Khaja Banda Nawaz College of Engineering,Gulbarga 57 39510 View Profile
E013 Ghousia Engineering College,Ramanagar 58 39686 View Profile
E134 Smt. Kamala and Sri Venkappa M.Agadi College of Engg. And Tech.,Lakshmeshwara, Gadag 59 40227 View Profile
E156 Government Engineering College,K R Pet, Mandya DT. 60 40786 View Profile
E045 Rao Bahadur Y.Mahabaleswarappa Engineering College,Bellary 61 41375 View Profile
E098 Atria Institute of Technology,Bangalore 62 43808 View Profile
E129 St. Joseph Engineering College,Mangalore 63 45186 View Profile
E161 Government Engineering College,Kushalnagar 64 45450 View Profile
E103 Global Academy of Technology,Bangalore 65 46267 View Profile
E163 Government Engineering College, Haveri 66 46526 View Profile
E028 Tontadarya College of Engineering,Gadag 67 46585 View Profile
E203 K.S. School of Engineering And Management,Mallasandra, Bangalore 68 47748 View Profile
E014 S J C Institute of Technology,Chickballapur 69 48693 View Profile
E150 P E S Institute of Technology and Management,Shivamogga 70 48793 View Profile
E211 Jain Institute of Technology,Davanagere 71 48870 View Profile
E130 Shridevi Institute of Engineering and Technology,Tumkur 72 48982 View Profile
E205 Academy for Technical and Management Excellence,Mysore 73 49588 View Profile
E185 Angadi Institute of Technology and Management,Belgaum 74 50124 View Profile
E196 Jain College of Engineering,Belgaum 75 51457 View Profile
E096 East Point College of Engineering and Technology,Bangalore 76 54428 View Profile
E210 G Madegowda Institute of Technology,Maddur, Mandya 77 55817 View Profile
E157 Government Engineering College,Ramanagara 78 55870 View Profile
E503 Nagarjuna College of Engineering and Technology,Bangalore (R) (IInd Shift) 79 57273 View Profile
E142 B G S Institute of Technology,Nagamangala Taluk,Mandya Dist. 80 57555 View Profile
E032 R.T.E Society`s Rural Engineering College,Hulkoti 81 57604 View Profile
E033 Sri Taralabalu Jagadguru Institute of Technology.,Ranebennur 82 59182 View Profile
E106 East West Institute of Technology,Bangalore 83 59239 View Profile
E173 Sai Vidya Institute of Technology,Bangalore 84 59877 View Profile
E154 Government Engineering College,Chamarajanagara 85 60341 View Profile
E044 Bheemanna Khandre Institute of Technology,Bhalki 86 61559 View Profile
E167 K L E S`s K L E College of Engineering and Technology,Chikkodi, Belgaum 87 61767 View Profile
E135 K L S Viswanathrao Deshpande Rural Institute of Technology,Haliyal 88 64075 View Profile
E172 R.R.Institute of Technology,Chikkabanavara, Bangalore 89 65373 View Profile
E018 Kalpatharu Institute of Technology,Tiptur 90 67705 View Profile
E147 T.John Engineering College,Bangalore 91 68721 View Profile
E035 Anjuman Engineering College,Bhatkala 92 70669 View Profile
E220 Alliance University,Bangalore 93 74207 View Profile
E213 Lingarajappa Engineering College,Bidar 94 74363 View Profile
E175 S.G.Balekundri Institute of Technology,Belgaum 95 75649 View Profile
E070 Bahubali College of Engineering,Shravanabelogala 96 75693 View Profile
E111 Sri Venkateshwara College of Engineering,Bangalore 97 75792 View Profile
E127 M S Engineering College,Bangalore 98 76795 View Profile
E113 Sambhram Institute of Technology,Bangalore 99 77027 View Profile
E085 APS College of Engineering,Somanahalli, Bangalore 100 78515 View Profile
E179 P N S Institute of Technology,Nelamangala, Bangalore 101 79508 View Profile
E081 H M S Institute of Technology,Tumkur 102 80041 View Profile
E117 Alpha College Engineering,Bangalore 103 80095 View Profile
E046 H K E`s S L N College of Engineering,Raichur 104 80936 View Profile
E095 AMC Engineering College,Bangalore 105 81181 View Profile
E090 Sri Revana Siddeswara Institute of Technology,Bangalore 106 81535 View Profile
E206 Shri Madhwa Vadiraja Institute of Technology and Management,UDUPI 107 81613 View Profile
E219 Mangalore Marine College and Technology,Mangalore 108 81723 View Profile
E083 H.K.B.K.College of Engineering,Bangalore 109 81824 View Profile
E093 Basavakalyana Engineering College,Basavakalyana 110 81926 View Profile
E160 Sahyadri College of Engg. and Management,Mangalore 111 82689 View Profile
E181 Sri Basaveswara Institute of Technology,Tiptur 112 82794 View Profile
E174 Dr. Sri. Sri. Sri. Shivakumara Mahaswamyji College of Engineering,Bangalore 113 82950 View Profile
E193 A Shama Rao Foundation, Srinivas School of Engineering,Mukka, Suratkal,Mangalore 114 83400 View Profile
E089 B T L Institute of Technology and Management,Bangalore 115 83597 View Profile
E216 Shetty Institute of Technology,Gulbarga 116 83878 View Profile
E088 Bangalore College of Engineering and Technology,Chandapura, Bangalore 117 84307 View Profile
E151 Mangalore Institute of Technology and Engineering,Moodabidri,D.K 118 84593 View Profile
E143 Jain University, School of Engineering and Technology,Bangalore (R) 119 84737 View Profile
E152 S D M Institute of Tech.,Ujire,Dakshina Kannada 120 85263 View Profile
E183 Sha-Shib College of Engineering ,Chickballapur Dist. 121 85636 View Profile
E199 AGM Rural Engineering College,Varur,Hubli 122 85680 View Profile
E217 Girijabai Sail Institute of Technology,Utkagali, Karwar 123 85738 View Profile
E189 Yagachi Institute of Technology,Hassan 124 87262 View Profile
E054 K V G College of Engineering,Sullia 125 87447 View Profile
E504 Sambhram Institute of Technology,Bangalore (IInd Shift) 126 87632 View Profile
E162 Government Engineering College,Raichur 127 88076 View Profile
E169 Alva`s Institute of Engineering and Technology,Moodabidri, Dakshina Kannada 128 88202 View Profile
E180 Bearys Institute of Technology, Mangalore 129 88456 View Profile
E102 DONBOSCO Institute of Technology,Bangalore 130 88518 View Profile
E109 City Engineering College,Bangalore 131 88905 View Profile
E201 Gopalan College of Engineering and Management,Bangalore 132 88934 View Profile

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