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University blames students for delay in results

Visvesvarya Technological University (VTU) officials have zeroed in on the culprits behind delayed results. The university has been noticing a strange thing in a few students’ answer scripts: These answer booklets cannot be scanned. And the reason, university officials said, was that students were tampering with the barcodes on the answer scripts.

Recently, the university came across a few answer scripts that they could not scan. Upon checking the papers, it was found that the barcode on the answer script had been mutilated. This caused inconvenience to the exam centres.

Registrar of evaluation Satish Annigere said, “Some of the students are mutilating barcodes on the answer booklets. This has created a lot of inconvenience for the university and also resulted in a delay in the announcement of results.” The varsity has also told the colleges and the students that these answer scripts will not be evaluated. “If any student mutilates the barcode, such an answer book will not be considered for evaluation,” Annigere said.

This has been brought to the notice of all principals of the constituent and affiliated engineering colleges and the university has asked the colleges to ensure that the room supervisors announce the same during the examinations.

With the VTU having put the ball in the students’ court now, the registrar of the university said, it is the students do such things to escape from the pressure put on them by their parents. HN Jagannath Reddy, registrar, VTU, told BM, “These are the students who do it intentionally. They might be not interested in the examinations or they might wish to misguide their parents. So if their answer script is not evaluated and their results are withheld, they don’t have to worry about doing well in the exam.”

“When they put us in this kind of situation, it becomes hard. Either we have to withhold the results or we have to check it up and then clarify whose paper it is and then announce only these students’ results later. It is not an easy task,” Reddy added.

The registrar said, there have been a few incidents where the university had to cross check. Reddy said, “A few incidents happened and then we had to cross verify all papers and then announce the results. We announced the results despite the barcodes being tampered with the last time.”

A VTU student said, “Sometimes the barcodes can get damaged due to other reasons like an uneven desk. So before taking action, the university should check what happened.”

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