Where is the best place to get VTU projects?

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First thing I would suggest is do not go for any place or consultancy reasons,

  1. There is no need to get it done from others as you can do it yourself . There are n number of open source technologies,languages using witch you can build an application with zero cost( Example ROR, php, python etc…). About how to build this application without knowing the languages, you get online tutorials and sample projects you can follow them and build your own applications. All you have to do is start your project little early so that you can decide which language to use do some research about it, learn and implement.
  2. Its not worth paying for the project you buy . Taking real time example we selected the topic of data mining for our final year project and went to a consultancy asking for help. They told we will do it in C# language using .Net framework and the total cost they said was 20k somehow we reduced it to 18k. Now the final outcome was an e-commerce website which has options like search products, add to cart, show recent search, and show related search. Now why its not worth paying 18k for a project which includes all these options, we can build an application in Ruby on Rails using only one gem(RubyGems – Wikipedia ) called spree(spree/spree-guides ) which has additional options like add to cart, payment gateway. Since I am working on same kind of projects now I regret most of the time that I paid so much for nothing.
  3. Its useful to get exposed to current technologies , when you buy a project and get it done from any other place you wont be having much knowledge about what you are saying as your project. As a fresher when you apply for job in the interview you can expect one compulsory question “tell me something about your final year project” and by the way you explain they can easily make out is it done really by you. Same may after you get job and you are in your training period, if you get to work on same language as your final year project’s language if you are not having sufficient knowledge that you can build an application again questions will be asked.

You feel good when you see your idea is getting a shape and works is real scenario, more than like how you feel when you get an output in lab. Trust me its not a big thing and you can do it yourself. All you need is a system and good internet connection. You must to good at searching you will get everything right from the scratch in google project ideas, how to present, to create project documentation, to deploy project to server for free of cost if required. You can ask for help from you seniors, neighbors or friends who are currently working. You can use the same money which you are ready to spend on your project to buy some cool phone or something or do a project success party 😉 . I tried to answer this question keeping CS and IS students in mind(all the languages I mentioned above are included in VTU syllabus), i guess it works for other branch students also.

I hope it is helpful. If anyone need any further help you can put a comments i’ll definitely try to help.

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