Why is Java so famous?

Why is Java So Popular?
Java applets feature in millions of websites, almost all computer systems globally feature JRE and many applications initially developed using other languages often incorporate Java-encoded applications at a later date due to enhanced security/stability requirements. The list of applications in which Java codes feature is almost endless, even Google’s Android OS originally featured a Java kernel, which led to a copyright infringement lawsuit between Google and Oracle. Discussing the advantages and limitations of the Java language could shed some more light on the reasons for its continued popularity:
Advantages of Java
The primary advantage of Java application development is that it is free and its syntax bears resemblance to various C-based programming languages, making it easier for developers to understand and implement. The language also features an extensive standard class library, most of which is quite well written. The Java developer kit includes tools for automatic memory management, while simultaneously providing a sturdy platform for behavioral transference from one address space to another. The language also provides superior performance as compared to many available languages, along with better portability and a simplified syntax as compared to the C++ language. Other advantages of java software development include the non-committee driven language design, presence of the No Explicit Pointers tool and the availability of Explicit Interfaces to help the developer write error-free coding. Java application development also facilitates the availability of comprehensive documentation as well as numerous freely available sources for third-party libraries and codes. Developers also have a wide range of Java IDE choices, while remaining unaffected by the problem of a Fragile Binary Interface. Considering these benefits, it is no surprise that Java assumed supreme popularity especially during the initial years following its introduction
Java is famous because of the following reasons

  1. Java is very portable meaning that once you write a code it can run on almost any device
  2. Java has strong networking infrastructure making it ideal for server side comouting
  3. The top mobile OS,Android uses java for it’s code
  4. Java has a well defined set of libraries created through modifications from the existing C libraries
  5. Java is very easy to read

Java can create webpages called applets though javascript is in common use now